Khao Kluk Kapi

And this is the memorable Thai meal in States. It is the first time I cook khao kluk kapi. The most important ingredient is the Kapi itself otherwise we can end up sick if not careful. The sweet pork turns out to be delicious while very easy preparing with coconut sugar, black soy sause, regular soy sauce and fried shallot (optional). Replacing green mango with green apple and you can fool anyone by its look. The fresh big red onion is used here instead of shallot also and it works !


Waffles with sauteed pears


Today, I try making breakfast using recipe in Publix Family Style magazine. It’s waffles with sauteed pear. I’m supposed to make waffles myself and since I don’t have my waffle iron here, Eggo it is. I love thick and fluffy version of Eggo. Trying several other brands but it didn’t work except Julian’s which I can’t find in Wholefoods here. So have my ready to eat waffle, the only thing has left is the sauteed pear. Super easy, that’s why I’m doing it.
Cook the pear with butter and spring on some brown sugar and it’s done !